Extra Treatment


When arowana is about to be transported to another town or abroad, it is good to not giving any food for about three days in advance (small size fish) / one week (medium size fish) / two weeks (large size fish). Large arowana is able to fast for more than two months without trouble.

If protruding lower jaw happens, surgery operation is a good option. The arowana should firstly be anaesthetized. Then, using a small scissors, we cut the skin and a bit of bone of the arowana lower jaw. After the completion of the surgery operation, put the arowana back into its fish tank, and give antiseptic medication.

Most of the arowana kept in fish tanks have one eye ball a bit rolling to downside. The tip is to use a cover, such as: curtain, to cover the normally uncovered front side of the fish tanks. If one eye ball has gone down, we need to remove the fat under the eye ball, and cut a bit of eye bag of the arowana. Sedation is necessary.

The illness of arowana is mainly from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, and virus invasion. Both herbal and chemical fish medicine are good to cure the disease. The key success of curing is to know the cause of the attack. Dropsy, popped eye, hole in head is bacterial related disease while white spots, velvet, anchor worms are caused by parasites.

Against all odds, 99% of fatal arowana deaths are caused by leaving the fish tank uncovered. As arowana is keen on jumping, they need a lid on top of the fish tank to prevent them getting out of the fish tank.


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