Basic Care


Basic Care

Arowana live well in fresh water with the PH of 5.5-7.5 and the temperature of 28-32 degree Celcius. Although in their natural habitat, the water PH is low, it is alright to keep them in high PH water, as long as the PH level is stable.

Clean de-chlorinated fresh water is necessary to minimize the exposure of fish disease. Good filtration, regular water change, as well as appropriate setup of equipments will do the work.

The fish tank for arowana can be in a range of 200L to 1000L. Smaller fish will fit the smaller size fish tank. As fish get bigger, bigger fish tank will be needed.

Three colour frequently used as fish tank background black, blue, and white. They all have different characters and benefits. Black provides the most contrast to the fish colour but the fish colour is slow to enhance. It is suitable for fully grown arowana. Blue has good contrast aspect and is the best to improve arowana colour. It is good for all size of arowana. White is not good in contrasting the arowana colour. Yet it is the best to help small arowana to get the nice clean base as well as opening the potential of the back colour. Not all arowana develop good colouration on their upper back.

To control the water temperature, heaters and chillers could be used. The water acidity is difficult to change. However, as information, other than factory made liquid solution, salt is to rise up the water PH, while peat moss is to bring down the water PH.

A good filtration system normally contains a proper size of power head, rough mat, bio balls, ceramic rings, activated carbon, smooth mat, as well as UV sterilizer.

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To enjoy the beauty together with improving the colouration of the arowana, lightning is crucial. There are two types of lightning:

-Violet Colour Lights
Used commonly to brighten up the fish tank so that the fish colour look more admirable. It is not so much of a fish colour enhancer.

-Tanning Lights
They are more alike with the light spectrum of natural sun shine. Although the fish look dull under these lights, they get the colour boost real quick.

2 unis of Tanning lights


Tanning light Front


Tanning Light Back

Frogs, shrimps, worm, small fish, centipedes, and few other small insects can be as arowana diet. Frogs are the best choice to get fast growing arowana, but not so much of nutrition for arowana colour. On the other side, shrimp is very good to develop the arowana colour, yet not as effective for body size builder. Small size river shrimp is preferred. Its soft skin makes it possible to be consumed unpeeled by arowana. A good balanced and mixed diet is a must to support shaping up of arowana body, as much as its colour development. For our convenience, let the arowana get used to eat died food. Died shrimp or frogs can be stored in fridges for a couple of months.


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